Salutations from the Emerald Island!

I’m only in Dublin a short while as I wait to get on my connecting flight to Paris, and I am already in love! My first impression was that it reminded me of flying over the Midwest, only much cooler. There are the fields that one sees flying out of MSP and ORD, but here it is greener and they are separated by hedges. My god, I love the hedges! The word I will use to describe the Irish countryside is charming. The cottages are charming, the roads are charming, the hedges are charming – mind, this is all from an airplane window; I have not left the airport!

I hope it remains charming when I return for St. Patrick’s Day next week.

I am awfully exhausted, friends. I slept some on the plane, more than I thought I would honestly, but not enough! I flew Aer Lingus and was impressed with their planes. There was leg room, cushy seats and head rests, and the shepherd’s pie was amazing! Still, sleeping on an airplane is no easy feat, no matter the comforts. I have a feeling I will just crash when I get to Paris (due there in about four hours). Then again, I may just be so excited to be in the City of Lights that I’ll get over my jet lag.

I’m excited to see C – I can’t believe she was in Morocco for four months! I’ve an image in my head of us catching up in a Parisian wine bar, one I tend to make a reality once I’m settled.

On to the subject most of my friends and family are obsessed with – the male specimen. I sat next to an attractive man on the flight over the Atlantic but he was not interested in chatting. As soon as the plane took off, his screen was on and head phones in. I think he watched three movies and various TV shows. I, of course, was trying to sleep.

Once landed, I had to track down my gate number as it was not on my boarding pass. A nice Irish gentleman helped me out; it’s still early in the morning that I was the only one walking through that particular area of the airport so we had a nice chat.

And that is all! My flight boards in an hour so I will track down some breakfast, guzzle some water, and try to make myself presentable for the hoity-toity Parisians! Until next time! Thanks for reading (Hailey).


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