Haaaaave you met Cassie?

I started this blog with two purposes in mind. One, to rediscover my love of writing and two, to develop a writing habit.

It has always been my passion to write a novel, but life has sidelined me quite often. I have not done the best with this blog since its creation. I have sporadically updated it with random posts, but I want to change that. My goal is to dedicate this blog completely to writing stories, any kind of stories, and also use it as a sort of travel blog. I believe experiences are what a good writer builds on. I’m hoping to discover some hidden story locked away in what I learn in my travels. Granted, I don’t travel as often as I like; this woman needs a steady paycheck!

My desire to improve my writing and develop the habit led me to join such communities as the Daily Post and Story a Day. Yet I am always on the lookout for more! I guess I also need to get in the habit of being more active in online communities.

So here’s to that!