Perfect Moments

Sunday morning saw me willingly (WILLINGLY) up before the ass-crack of dawn, trying to both guzzle coffee and shove some breakfast in my mouth at the same time. The end result was surprisingly non-life threatening. Fortunately. There was only the minor choking episode, and at this time I noticed my sister-in-law’s mother asleep on the couch. I decided to take my choking to a place that wouldn’t disturb her. Unfortunately, I knocked over some dishes in my waste to not wake her and it went downhill from there.

I am not the greatest in the mornings. Especially mornings that start at 5:30 am.

She only lightly stirred so I took that as a win. Of course, the snoring cut off when I was taking my bike out the back door and banging it around. I just shouldn’t even try.

Finally, after trying so hard to be quiet in respect the my roommates and our guests and failing so spectacularly, I had my bike in the car and my bag all packed and ready to go. I peeled out of there in the pre-dawn light (God, the sun was trying to so hard, kudos to it). It only took me ten minutes to get to the river where registration was. Honestly, I probably could have biked down there but I thought to myself, “Uh-uh, biking in the dark in this neighborhood? Girl, you will be mugged and raped and shot.” So that was out.

I checked-in and received a fancy light to go on my bike (it BLINKS) as well as a T-shirt saying I took part in the 2014 Bike Tour (sweet) and by this time, the clouds were rolling away and there were real beams of light making their presence known (as opposed to fake ones we in the Midwest get all the time). Checked-in, feeling exuberant with my fancy-pants light and T-shirt, I hopped on the bike and went to meet the rest in my group at the designated area down the street where I waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Thirty minutes later, my fingers were cold after obsessively checking Facebook and Instagram and Word With Friends over and over again. Then the first truck with friends pulled in followed by a couple cars. By eight o’clock, we were all on the course.

There were a couple friends who left us all behind pretty damn quickly. Misters I Don’t Have Time to Wait for These People. They were doing the 32-mile course around the city while the rest of us were doing the 25.

I was okay with taking our time. The city is gorgeous and it turned into a beautiful day. The 25-mile course took us a little over three hours, and in the time we went all over the city. We followed the river south and saw some bridges (I got a thing for bridges). There was also this one family in a canoe. It was a man and two kids, leisurely fishing as I went over them on the bridge. I felt like I was witnessing the perfect moment.

I had a lot of those yesterday, but my twenty minutes is up. 🙂